Can’t Wait For Our Wedding Anniversary

I am so excited for September not only because the last three words is ber but because it is the Anniversary of my husband and I. And yeah he will be arriving here for our anniversary. This will be our first time to be together on our anniversary, and he is planning to have a fine dinner for both of us. He searched online what is the best restaurant here in the city, and he was able to find the Bon Apetit, it is a french restaurant and I haven’t been there before. The restaurant is not even familiar to me, so I just ask for the street but even the street is not familiar. Good thing that they have provided a telephone number online so maybe I will just call the place and ask for the sketch or landmark on the day of our anniversary. This is our year, and my husband and I is looking forward for our family to be intact once and for all. I can’t wait.

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