Crabs Buffet

One friend from before told me about this restaurant, she mentioned it because she knows that I so love crabs even though I have allergies. Somebody also advised me to take Ceterizine just before I would eat those so to prevent the allergies from attacking but I didn’t know that day that we will be passing by at the Crabs Buffet, this is a chance for a lifetime and why should I slipped it away. Besides my dear friend would treat us for lunch so as they said you should not say for a blessing and for this I shall never say no. LOL.

 photo 16255_10201416789397788_341175977_n_zps501b25cf.jpg

Here’s what I got for lunch, and look at those sea foods, good luck to the Asthma later after I ate the crabs and the shrimps. Anyway, I just had one plate I did not go back afterwards since I know my allergy would attack sooner or later and I want to enjoy our day with my friend whom I didn’t see for a while.

 photo HPIM1298_zps8a0b743f.jpg

Here’s at Crabs Buffet, you could not only have the taste of their deliciously serve crabs but they also have sinugbang panga and shrimps and all those appetizer. So beware you might get bloated when you are done with your meal.

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