Order Please???

I feel so guilty today, it is Sunday and yet I was not able to go to church. Sigh and BIG SIGH! I know there is no valid excuse for this, I hope you can forgive me today oh LORD, I will not promise but I will do my best to hear you on Sunday. On the other hand since I really didn’t went out today, from breakfast to dinner we did not cook as well. We just ordered all the foods over the phone, our breakfast was chopped Lechon Baboy (roasted pig) our neighbor sells those but if you want to pay like a week later, it can be done as well. So that’s what I did, I ordered almost 1 kilo of Lechon Baboy and I will be paying that next week on Sunday too.

We had a very sumptuous chopped Lechon even though our fridge is empty with meat and fish; we still had a very tasty breakfast. It was so hot this afternoon so I told my niece to buy an ice cream for all of us. Our snack even though I don’t have voice anymore, we still had a very sweet snack; loaf bread with Oreo flavored ice cream. Night came; I still didn’t feel like cooking so I ask my niece to dial the phone to order us some viands, since my niece did not want to cook as well. She ordered right away and for an instant we have the pork and chicken adobo and garlic chicken. The thing was the garlic chicken was so little that we did not enjoy the crunchiness.

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