Party Set Up

We just attended a Birthday Party the other day, and I was able to eat my favourite Lechon or Roasted Pig. When we arrived at the party, I took some pictures of those foods on the table right away; I should not delay all the opportunities so I can post something here in my blog. I guess some guests were wondering why should I have to do that, why can’t I just sit down and relax? But if they are a blogger they will understand what I was doing.

So here’s the cake and the marshmallow stick along with the hotdog, this marshmallow is the all-time favourite of Faith, when she went inside the house she took one right away. And she did the same last year.


This chopped Roasted Pig is very convenient in the part of the host and the guest as well. Of course it can be distributed just enough for the guest to consume it, I mean it is already chopped so the guest can just get the amount that they can eat, unlike if it was not chopped, there’s a possibility that you can get big parts and could not finish it later. The guests and the host would no longer need to chop it. So there’s no hassle at all to contribute it and there is not hassle at all to eat it.

The foods were put outside for the kids, so they don’t have to go inside the house to get some foods. If your house is tight, the guests need space, so my friend decided to separate the kids and the adults. The adults can get the foods inside and the kids outside.


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