Almost Out Of Budget

Have you been and eat in a restaurant then later you found out that your money is not enough for your order? It almost happens to me last Saturday, I was so hungry but I have to drop at their remittance center to get some money that my husband wired. Since I was starving, I just told the lady in-charge that I will just go back and just have my money prepared because I have to wait for 15 minutes for approval. I roamed around to find some restaurant, I thought of Chowking but I already ate there the other day. I want something or some place that I haven’t been for a while, I need something new. I saw the Sumu Sam, I just went there once when I was still working and I was with my kids last summer, they served delish foods so I went inside and order. I forgot that I still didn’t get my money and I only have 200 or 300 bucks in my wallet. Before I ate, I asked the waiter first if how much was the food I ordered, the steak and the mango shake, she said that for the steak it was P217.00 and the mango shake was P145.00, I checked my money right away and it was just enough! Thank GOD!

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