Guilty For Not Attending The Party

I felt guilty! When I dropped Faith at their classroom yesterday, one of her classmates asked me why we were not able to attend the birthday party? I was like speechless for a moment and speechless again, what to explain? It is so mean to say we forgot right? Good thing the teacher asked her to go inside the classroom already and I was not able to answer the little girl.

Well, we supposed to attend the party but I forgot that we already have a deal with my friend who’s daughter will have a birthday party on that day. So I went to the other parent who would also attend the party on that day to inform her we could not join the party because I already have said yes to my friend even before they invited us. So everything is set, the kids are ready to go, later my friend messaged me and said that the celebration will not be on that day but the next day. It is too late for us to attend the party since the one who knew the address has already gone to the party. We just decided to stay at home on Sunday.

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