The Plan For Dinner Outside Was Cancelled

It is Sunday and when it is Sunday, I sometimes go to church alone to hear mass while the kids are at home. Its kind a busy at home since somebody worked in my car to be tinted, and our neighbor is also fixing our sink this time, Mj is also busy with her project in her classmate’s house. I just bought some snacks for her and her classmates while I purchased the whatever is lacking to repair our sink, I could not use the car because I am afraid I might ruin the tint that was installed this morning. Right after I heard mass, I was thinking to bring the kids outside for dinner; I mean it would be a nice idea to have dinner outside with them. I set aside some money for a short fun in the restaurant but when I got home I found out I still need to buy another pipe for the sink. The neighbor was not able to finish it today because he was not able to include the pipe when we went out last Saturday to buy some materials. So I have to set aside the going out for dinner, I must save for another buying of materials the next day. Oh well, I am sure when their Daddy is here, we will always go out for meal.

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