To Correct My Vision

My eyes got itchy and itchy every day. My husband suggested to use his Visine for itchy since he just left that one here until he gets back so I could get a check-up. I mean it was my idea at all to have him on my side when I have my eye check-up. But I could not bear the itchy anymore; it tends to be heavy as well so I went to an Ophthalmologist near a certain mall. She checked my eye right away and I found out that I have astigmatism; the infection was just secondary since maybe I rubbed my eye when it was itchy. She wanted me to wear glasses right away to correct my vision. I didn’t bring money that time so I just told her to just give me an eye drop, she also recommended me a vitamin for the eyes, she said it is for my nerves of my retina for it to go back in shape. I bought only 10 pieces instead of 30.

So far the eye drops went well, it resulted good to my eye. The itchiness is gone and I don’t feel heavy at all although sometimes the un-comfy feeling gets back. I will have worn an eyeglass sooner or later when my husband gets back.

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