Our Buffet Dinner In Grand Menseng Hotel

The staff did good for calling to wake me up so early because it is just right that I could still blog a little here in the hotel before heading to the airport to fetch my husband. Last night, instead of going out, we just stayed in the hotel and had our dinner at the restaurant. Mariel had a visitor so we also invited her to had dinner with us. It has been a while since I visited and experience their food in this hotel, so we made sure we got all the foods that we wanted to taste. Ellaine the friend of Mariel also enjoyed this small get together of us, this is the first experience also for my other niece Moreen to stay and have dinner to a fancy restaurant. MJ and Faith had fun as well, Faith was behaved since we brought her 10 peso Barbie doll that I just bought from school when they have their foundation day last Wednesday.

 photo cats_zps19caf64e.jpg

So that’s us in the picture, the restaurant is not that crowded so we had lots of time to take some pictures. I guess only guests were the only one who ate there. The buffet is good; I hope though that they won’t prepare the same kind by the next day and the next day. I am sure we would get fed eating with the same recipe every day.

 photo cats_zps949badc6.jpg

These are one of their best that I took from the buffet table; of course the chicken is showing off.  The all-time favorite of the whole family. Anyway I have to go now; the driver of the van is already here to take me to the airport ciao, until next time.

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