Blessing in Disguise

When I attended a meeting last week, I thought that the contribution of P 50.00 would be our payment for catering services. I was so far from the emcee, so I was really not listening at all. I just heard from other parents that we should contribute P50.00 for our foods not knowing that it is only intended for the loot bags that they will be giving during Family Day.

My husband and I woke up so early to get ready for the Family Day; we were just sitting on the bench. Good thing, just a sweet gesture I told my friend if she have some spare, a cake perhaps or that moist cake that I always ordered from her. She then told me that she had at home, she will put some frosting on it and she is done. So she went back to their house to get the cake, we were waiting for her at the gym. Faith gets cranky so my husband and I just transferred sits until I was seated beside a parent, whose daughter is a classmate of Faith. We were chatting a bit and she mentioned about our food. I  heard that she brought a mango float, I was like clearly telling her if that is only voluntary she answered no, we are really obliged to bring the dessert as it was approved during the meeting. I was surprised, it was really a good decision to order a cake from my friend otherwise I will be embarrassed not to bring anything for the team.

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