2 Days To Go And It Is Our Wedding Anniversary

2 days to go is our wedding anniversary and my husband has plan for us at night. He sent me a link to one restaurant that he would love to try but I didn’t went there before and I also don’t know the street at all. Yes, I lived here in Davao for so many years now but I still really issues with street name and all. I also get lost when I drive so I always make sure that I have my daughter with me so we can help each other to figure out the sketch or the way. We changed our mind instead in Bon Appetit, I suggested Claude restaurant since I’d been there before and their steak is really great. This is our first time to celebrate our anniversary together and I can’t wait for the day. I thank my husband for making up to me this time, and I hope this would be the first and not the last that we can celebrate our wedding anniversary together.

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