Dinner And Celebration

Last Friday when we went to look for the house to assume in front of my friend’s house, we also went to see them, they were just in front anyway and my friend saw us too. They invited us in for a minute and after a short chitchat, my friend invited us for dinner for today to celebrate her birthday. My husband and I thought to give her a cake that my other friend baked. My niece Mariel was the only one who went with us aside from our two daughters. We were the only visitors they had; her husband grilled the chicken immediately. While we prepared the table, the boys were also busy grilling the chicken outside. The chicken tasted really good when it was served, my friend’s husband really did a good job with the sauce that he put in the chicken. He told me the recipe but it was just too many, I can’t memorize it all. LOL. I just want to greet my friend a happy birthday and thanks for inviting girl.

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