Birthday Celebration At home

Today is the birthday of my niece Moreen, my husband and I decided to have dinner tonight at Bigbys but we change it because the passport of Faith took a little while for it to process and our name to be called and my husband has a slight fever. I just want us to go home right away but of course the celebration should not stop there, yeah we can’t dine out together with the kids but we can actually order from Bigbys and take it home. My husband could rest while we are also enjoying our food right?

While the Bigby’s staffs were packing our foods, we didn’t know that they also cater delivery but the thing is they would add charges and they have a minimum amount to order so they can deliver the foods. The 2 college girls were so delighted and Mj was so happy to see all the foods, their favorite Bigbys at home. It was a simple celebration but an awesome one.

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