Park Cancelled

Right after my husband’s check-up yesterday, we messaged the kids if they can prepare already to go out before we will arrive at home, since they like to go to Crocodile Park yesterday. My husband and I sat around the clinic for quite a while since there were patients that the Doctor needs to attend first. So when we were done with our appointment, we went home right away. But to our dismay, the kids are not ready yet. Mj especially is not taking a shower yet because she bathes Faith first, so we waited at home for long.

We have to exchange Mj’s worksheets in Kumon first before we can push through our lunch in Abreeza Mall, since that is the mall, where is nearer from the Crocodile Park. And since this would be our last meal outside together with my husband since he will be going back to the US on Tuesday, he chooses a fancy restaurant for us.

Our order was served after 15 to 20 minutes; my husband ordered us some more this time. He knows how can it be expensive to eat at the TGIF but he is grabbing this chance to be with his family one more time. We enjoyed eating so much that we forgot the time and before we knew it, the rain is approaching and so we change our plans not to go to Crocodile Park anymore.

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