While Waiting For The Clinic To Topen

The time flies so fast, I didn’t think that it is already October and that I have to renew my Driver’s License if I didn’t pass by at the LTO the other day, I would really forget about it. The other day I went at the LTO to inquire to renew my Driver’s License. Then they required me to get a Medical Certificate. While waiting for the clinic to open since I went there at 12 noon, I went to the nearest restaurant, the Barrio Fiesta for lunch. They had a budgeted meal so it is affordable for those who would like to have lunch there. But since I was not that hungry I just ordered spaghetti with wheat bread and a mango shake.

 photo 20131009_125100_zps8c41de31.jpg

Their spaghetti is very saucy, I like the way they prepared it but I don’t like a spaghetti to have overly sauce. Anyway since I don’t like to waste any single strand of the spaghetti because I don’t like to waste my money, I still consume it all.

 photo 20131009_124352_zps1817e113.jpg

I am into mango shake, if a restaurant offers Mango Shake I always ordered it. Here’s my mango shake for that day, it is not that sweet, not bland as well.

 photo 20131009_124535_zps2a5364d2.jpg

The restaurant is not crowded, so you could really enjoy the ambiance while eating. You could even have a meeting there because it is not noisy at all. I am sure you could come up a good decision with your meeting with this quiet atmosphere in the background.

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