Snacks A Blast

Yesterday, after I had an appointment to pay supposedly for the reservation fee of the house but they did not approve of me for banking finance. Anyway so after the disappointments I had with the Developer of the subdivision, I went to the mall and see my friends from blogging world. The venue was not familiar to me, I just instructed the driver to send me near the fountain, it was funny because he really sent me in front of the fountain, there’s a gutter that it would be far for me to go to the French Baker. Anyway, the snack went long and fun, we ordered 2 clubhouse and Ice Tea, which we shared for all of us.

It is good to have some snacks especially when you have so friends that are all so bubbly and funny, the time was so fast indeed that we never noticed it. It is time to say goodbye since one of our friends have to attend her  class for her Masteral Course, which I dreamed to get as well before the year ends. If you want some coffee, or have snacks while meeting up with pals, friends, or workmates, French Baker is the best because of its cool ambiance.

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