Budgeting Meal Everyday

Right after our meet-up with my blogger friends, I went to the grocery department for grocery shopping. I am in no hurry so I was able to choose very carefully for wet goods. This is how I did so I will not have issues for our budget. For Saturday, since I grocery shopped for Friday, I have Hotdog Bun for breakfast that my kids love so much, since it is only a Hotdog Bun I need to buy our lunch, which was from a carinderia . The meat that I choose for dinner yesterday is the Pork Liempo, marinated already for grilling so last night we had a blast and we were so full. This morning I might cooked Chicken Finger and tonight would be Bola Bola sweet and sour. Monday since it’s the school starts for the week, I might cooked the Nuggets and the dinner would be Sinigang Shrimps and clams, Tuesday would be Bacon for breakfast and Pochero for dinner, Wednesday will be fish for breakfast, I have to grocery shop for dinner yet this time. So that’s it, I put a schedule for the foods every day so everything will be organized. The wet goods should not stay in the freezer for long as well to preserve the freshness. You may noticed that I skipped lunch because most of the time we are not here for lunch especially during weekdays, and most of the time of breakfast will get through until lunch.

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