Chocolate Cheese Cake Of My Niece

My niece Mariel has been asking me to buy her the ingredients for the cheese cake that she wants to make. I even thought that she will make a blue berry cheese cake but last Saturday when we were grocery shopping, she told me that it is chocolate cheese cake that she want to make.

Tonight, right after my eldest daughter and my other niece went to bed, she prepared all the ingredients in the table and started mixing. I want to wait but it is too late already and Faith still has to go to school by tomorrow. So I just left it here in the kitchen mixing all the ingredients, I just hope that she is doing the right thing with all the mixing. I am so excited to have a taste it by tomorrow. She is asking some but I could not give her any idea since the Blue Berry cheesecake is so different with what she is making now. Oh well, good luck to her.

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