Go For Green For Healthier Life

I am a tea drinker at times; I mean I have moods of drinking a tea instead of coffee especially at night. The tea that I am a drinking is high of fibre so the next morning I would surely withdraw all the foods that I ate the whole day. I also have another tea that flavored lemon and ginger, it helps me sooth my cough allergy, it has a different taste but I like it.

Don’t you know that those people who drank green tea, 70 years of age or older can more likely enjoy a happy moods, a study said that they even have 44 percent lesser of depression when they drank 4 cups or more than of those people who just drank a cup or less. Hmm? So that means maybe I should drink not only but four cups so I can get better moods every day.

Go for the green, it is not late to change our lifestyle, act now so you can have a healthier life.

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