Nothing Blast On My Birthday

It was my birthday the other day but I remained very quiet about it. I didn’t even remember it was my birthday until my niece greets me early in the morning. But Faith had a long quiz so I choose to just stay home and assist her with her study, Mariel cooked a very tasty adobo and everyone loved it, I bought a soda also for all of us.

The next day, after I dropped Faith to school, I went to a restaurant right away to eat lunch. I kind ‘a miss the Zabadani so I went in to order my favorite dish and that is the Syrian Chicken Breast I also match it with Ayran, just tasted so heaven.

 photo 1377066_10201866696405182_401535003_n_zps655aeb4d.jpg

 photo 1378328_10201866701685314_236033817_n_zps8c781dd3.jpg

That was all during my birthday, nothing blast, I was just thankful that GOD gave me another year to enjoy life and to enjoy the foods within my reach.

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