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Road House For Three Times

I always get curious of the Road House restaurant before but I just don’t have the guts to dine there, aside from the classy look in the outside I am worried of the price I would incur with their steaks. But thanks to my friend because we tried that once before she left for the states. And yeah I enjoyed it a lot, even though yeah the steaks is a bit expensive it’s like P250.00 per 100 grams and they only have the more grams available. We had a half a half share so it’s not that heavy on the pocket.

The second visit was with my husband this month, after we dropped Faith at school, we were looking for a restaurant to dine. Since I was with my husband, dining in Roadhouse is not that hard at all. Anyway, he just arrived at that time, so we still have lots of budget.

The third time was with a post celebration of yours truly I wanted to eat steak before we went for grocery shopping. And the steak was granted, although it’s a bit expensive because I have to pay for my niece order as well, sigh!

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