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Papaya Is The Answer

Thank God that I am successful today to withdraw whatever it is in my stomach. At least now I feel better and light, I really got worried with this constipation that started last week. Thanks to Papaya that I bought yesterday, I guess I really have to make it a habit.

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Don’t you know that Mayans used to worship the tree of Papaya they called it the “The Tree of Life” And this fruit was one of the favorites of Christopher Columbus because when the crew of Columbus landed in America, the native people offered them the Papaya fruit and because they were just from a long trip on just meager meal, the Papaya fruit helps them with their digestive problems that they got cured after.

Why Papaya does helps with constipation? It is because Papaya has digestive enzymes that help in natural digestion, so this one does not have side effects at all unlike if you take some medicines for it.

Papaya also helps treat a person with dengue fever. The juice from the Papaya leaves can increase the platelet count known as Thrombocytes.

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