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Enrolling For Cooking

Today I will go to ALS to enroll myself for cooking, I mean I know how to cook but sometimes it is hard to identify my cooking. I want the slices to be proper and I want to know if the Afritada and Caldereta are the same. JOKE!

Since my husband will be staying here with us longer this time. And he is too picky with foods I might cook with varieties of foods. I hope I really can learn this time because remember I enrolled for baking way back but I was not able to finish it. How I wish I would learn a lot more so I’ll be able to use it here when I do the cooking. I don’t want to do that failed cooking again, I mean it was not failed because my kids said it was okay but they all laugh at me, because I didn’t know what I was cooking the worst is it turn out to be a Law Oi and not the recipe that I am following in the paper. Oh well they still ate it for dinner, there’s no other food so they can’t do anything about it.

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