No Lunch At 12 Noon But A Brunch

My youngest daughter class is scheduled at 12 noon, so when she woke up around 10 in the morning, I would bathe her right away so she can eat her breakfast and lunch before the clock strikes at 11 in the morning. I thought we could not take the schedule but since last year, her class is always at 12 noon, later on she got used to it. So after I dropped her to school that’s the only time as well that I can eat. It is either I’ll eat in the nearby cafeteria or just buy some burgers in the mall. When I go back to school to fetch her, I always bring foods to her to eat; I know she is already hungry since her snacks were only cookies and a Dutch mill. There are times also that when we arrive home, she would ask for cereal, good thing she likes fruit loops and not the chocolate cereal, which will make her so hyper. Everyday and I am glad she is already dealing with it, she will have no lunch but a brunch.

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