My Husband’s Thanksgiving Day in America

Happy Thanksgiving America!

When I was at the pool waiting for my eldest daughter to finish her training, my husband called me on the phone and greeted me “Happy Turkey Day” oh well nothing special for the day he said, he just want to be with us but he needs to finish his check-up for his leg and he will be with  us. Hopefully.

But there are many things to thanks for; of course first is his successful surgery recently so when I went home last night and chat with him, he told me he will be making a roast chicken. I even suggested to go to some party but he said no, but it does not mean he will not enjoy the “Thanksgiving Day” he said he will just listen to some music, he wishes he have Mj there so she can play her guitar to him or Faith to play drums of course Faith still needs to learn that. He also wished of a theremin kit, I am not sure what it is so I asked he said it is like you are playing without touching. You just have to move your hands in the space around its antennas and it controls pitch and volume. I am trying to imagine what it is like but whatever it is if only my husband have it on hand, maybe he enjoyed the Thanksgiving Day more.

With us here, we don’t really preparing for it, I mean I guess some does but duh I am too busy to mind what special foods to be put on our table. As long as we have something to eat then that’s it, what we are looking forward now is the Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And yeah to hear some Christmas Carols.

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