Stomach Attack And My Coffee

I really could not forget what happen to me Last November 02 of this year. In the morning, I already felt my stomach was aching but I ignore it since I have to go to my friend’s house to get my German Cake that I ordered from her. On my way home, as I thought I feel like I was constipated, I bought a medicine for it, hoping I could do the G spot. Yes I did it but still my stomach was still aching, I was still able to ignore it since we have to visit my Dad’s tomb.

Evening came, my stomach-ache get worst, good thing we are already at home at that time. You know the feeling that you don’t know what to do anymore just to make the pain go away. I lay down turned on my side, on my back, pressing my tummy so hard but still it didn’t make the pain go away. My daughter contacted my sister to go to the house and told her we might go to the hospital. My sister bought this kind of herbal medicine; it’s a liquid and told me that it has silver that might be able to cure my upset stomach. I tried it even though I don’t believe as such but it healed me. Right after I drank that, I threw up in the comfort room. My sister was getting ready to call a taxi cab so she can send me to the hospital but right after I threw up, the pain slowly went away.

My sister told me that the cause of my severe aching stomach  was because of skipping meals, yes I skipped meals at that time and right now I am also doing that, geez when can I learned. But I heard it from one of the celebrities here that drinking coffee can be a “pantawid gutom” meaning, it can fill your stomach even without taking meals yet. I am a busy mom, a little bit later I need to send Faith to her school. Good thing my niece Moreen is here and she is the one preparing my youngest so she can eat her breakfast, brunch actually. I will have to make sure that before I will help my friend shopping for our Christmas party toys and the like at the pool, I should eat my lunch in the nearby cafeteria so my stomach will not going to be upset again.

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