She Needs To Drink a Lot of Water

My youngest daughter was coughing since last week, I did not send her to the Doctor because I thought we could get rid the cough away by just letting her drink a citrus juice. But sad to say it didn’t work, last week was an exam week so it was hard to send her to her Pedia since we have to review her lessons when we arrived at home, and after we review her lessons, I have to fetch my eldest daughter from school to her training so it was really hard. I just bought an herbal medicine for her but it didn’t still work so I made a promise to myself that after the competition, I would really send her to her Pediatrician on Monday and that was yesterday. I did not let her go to school, her sister also needs to have a check-up for her ears, she said it is very painful and she feels like it is already swelling.

I dropped my eldest daughter and my sister, (her auntie) to the ENT clinic. And I just told her we will just going to meet them in the mall near at the Paediatrician’s clinic. I need to hit it in one stone, so we can still go to Faith’s Paediatrician without any delay. We arrived there on time, although we still have to wait for like 30 minutes and it is our turn.

The Doctor asked if she have fever and I said none, the Doctor told me that she has lots of phlegm inside that she needs to drink lots of water. The Doctor advised me not to allow her to eat chocolates, or anything sweet, she is also not allowed to drink cold water.

For Mj, she is advised not to have her training this week, her ears needs a lot of care this time. The ENT gave her an eardrops and pain reliever. She said this morning that she can already bear the pain so she packed her bag and went to school.

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