The Importance Of Booster Shots

Vaccines are very important for our kids, so even though I don’t have money and work when I my eldest daughter was still a baby, I was thankful to my sister who supported me with my eldest daughter vaccination. We needed to complete her vaccination so she is not sickly upon growing up. If we could not afford to go to a private doctor for vaccination, there’s a health center that can help us complete with vaccination. But what I didn’t know is that our tween also needs a vaccination. And here are the vaccines that our tween may be needed:

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My youngest daughter during her first dose of Vaccination

Flu Shots: Kids need this vaccination especially if they are particularly having a medical condition that puts them in danger, which lead to complications of the flu. Flu Shots should be done every year.

TDAP Booster: TDAP which means Tetanus-Diphtheria Acellular Pertussis- For young children it is called DTap however the booster given to tweens are Tdap. Both prevents from whooping cough, tetanus and Diphtheria, these illness are known deadly caused by bacteria.

Measles-Mumps-Rubella or MMR– the first dose of this will protect our babies from getting measles, mumps, or rubella. The second dose is to get the full protection. The 3 disease could be mild but can lead to pneumonia, seizures, meningitis, and worst death to some cases.

Hepatitis A and B– The hepatitis A, one can get it from eating and drinking water contaminated with feces.  The vaccine is usually applied in childhood, it is also recommended to those who were not able to have it especially when they have a high risk of hepatitis A. On the other hand Hepatitis B is more serious infection than of Hepatitis A; it is transmitted through blood or body fluids.

Meningococcal Meningitis– This disease is like you are well this time of hour and later on be seriously ill. It is common in babies but adolescents can get this one too around 11 years of age.

Varicella– It is called chicken pox, the vaccine given in two doses; it is recommended for teens that never had chicken pox

Human Papillomavirus– This vaccine should be given to young girls or teens this is to protect from cervical cancer. It is sexually transmitted but can be given to girls at around 11 and 12 or before they are sexually active.

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