Too Ecstatic For The Christmas Party

It was the Christmas Party for the club yesterday, Mj and I are so ecstatic about it, as early as 4 in the morning I got up from my bed and started to cook the Fried Chicken. I told my daughter to prepare the Cakes, the Foods for the GODS and The Moist Cake that I ordered from my friend. But she was so busy doing many things that I didn’t ask her to do so the result, since she put all the bags to the car I forgot our Cakes, I didn’t notice until she remembers that our Cake was left. And we were already in Downtown when she remembers it. Sigh!

Good thing my niece Mariel will be going out that morning. So I asked her to bring the cakes and we will just meet in the mall, the nearest mall from the resort we held our party. After I dropped Mj and Tatay and Dj, the parents of my close friend and Dj is their grandson who is the swim mate of my daughter, after I dropped them at the resort, Faith and I went to the mall right away to meet my niece.

We got hungry because we didn’t take our breakfast yet, I invited my niece, the mom of my friend.  She decided to go with me and Faith in Jollibee. After that we went to grocery to buy water and some chips. I drove to the resort but we got lost that when we arrived at D’Leonor I got starved but I can’t enjoy the foods that brought in the table because my youngest daughter is already excited to swim and have fun.

Yes there were many foods in the table, later I found the shrimps so delicious that I even ate the shell. I wonder how they cooked that.

The Christmas party was successful, how I wish that the one I picked the name up for Faith enjoyed the gift I gave her. It was a tumbler and the towel that I believe she can use in the pool. I am worried that she didn’t like it. My kids were able to bring more prizes from the game; the time was just running so fast that we were not able to notice it. Sigh! We arrived home already late.

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