A Not Crowded Restaurant At Lunch

As usual when I went to Pag ibig Insurance to pay my monthly contribution and the house as well, the long queue is waiting for me, it was like 65 persons are ahead of me and still waiting for their turn. So after I got my bill in the 2nd floor of the building, I took my number and went out to have my lunch. I was planning to just dine in Jollibee but I was thinking to try another restaurant that is newly opened in the area. I was contemplating between the Café France and Sushi Dito, my foot led me to Sushi Dito, it has been a while since I haven’t dined with Japanese Cuisine so let see.

 photo 20131217_132302.jpg

The restaurant was not crowded, which I like since I have to write down my expenses in my tickler. My advantage for taking pictures as well without being uncomfortable for some eyes staring at me, I ordered the Honey Pork with Rice and Mango Shake. I choose the most affordable food in the menu since Christmas is approaching and I really need to budget for the Holiday season.

 photo 20131217_131818.jpg

The Honey Pork cost P162.00 and the Mango shake was P80.00, oh well not bad. I mean their service is fast, the restaurant is so cozy and quiet. I wanted to order Pizza as well for me to bring at home and in the shop since it was the birthday of my mechanic but their pizza is a bit expensive so I took aback.

 photo 20131217_131855.jpg

Just zoom the image for better view of the price.

 photo 20131217_132649.jpg

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