Wedding Anniversary Could Be Very Romantic

My husband and I agreed to have dinner on our Wedding Anniversary; we already spotted a restaurant where to dine with. I mean he was the one who search it online. But on the day of our Wedding Anniversary, the staff said they are reserved to the night and they could not accommodate us, sigh I heard that there was some group of band who would perform the night. The night before I already imagined their set ups, the drums, the microphone, the manhasset music stand 48c, oh well I am actually not sure if the music stand has the manhasset brand, I just said it since they performed well they should need  musical instrument that has the quality. It could have been so romantic dinner date for me and my husband if the restaurant is available for us. Dining while listening and watching the band performing live, I just hope that their songs are not the rock n roll type otherwise we might walk out right away, could be so wonderful for the two of us.

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