Be Aware Of Those Gross Areas

Do you know how gross it is to leave your kids in play areas, it is even more worse than what you think. Yes this place is pullulating with germs, bacteria and virus. Toys get drooled by kids or sneezed and or handled by dirty hands but because the Mom has to do some errand inside the mall they have to leave the kids there for the meantime.

Do you know how it is to put your toddler to a high chair, it is as well even more worse than what you think. The high chair could be sticky yucky, it is also a breeding grounds for E. coli and bacteria.

These two even the kids favourite and Moms too, especially the play areas so the Moms could shop in the mall without any hassle at all. But before you leave your kids there or put your kids in a high chair, you must think a million of times if your kids are safe playing around in Wonderland, you must choose play areas in kid gyms, child friendly hotels and if you can register in a club where they put play areas for kids. This is where you know that the staffs regularly disinfect the surroundings in the end of the day. For high chair, before putting your toddler there, you have to wipe it first with disinfectants wipers and also you have to be alert when you kid is about to pick up foods that fell in the high chair. Make it a habit to wash your kids hand after the playtime and after eating as well.

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