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Champorado For This Weather

It has been raining like two or three weeks already and darn it is so cold at least for me who is used to muggy. I asked my daughter then to buy a cacao chocolate tablet for the Champorado or Chocolate rice. This is the best match for cold weather, so when it was cook, all of us gather in the table to eat a plate of Champorado, it satisfied my cravings and it gave me comfort with this wet weather.

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Are You A Music Lover?

Today, my friend invited me for dinner, they will go back to Texas by tomorrow and they have farewell dinner party tonight. So I need to go out today to get the cake I ordered from my friend. But before that, I know most of you are music lover, oh well obviously since I keep on blogging about guitar lesson and some other that is related to music instrument, we are a music lover as well just don’t let us sing. So if you are, especially those who are so fond of drums, you might want to try the roland td-4kp, they have the best sounds than the rest, or at least that is I believe in. My nephew likes to have drums so maybe this is the set that I would recommend to him. On the other hand, I have to prepare now, since we are done filling in our ear with music, it is time to fill in our tummy with foods. So I have to go, I’ll see you guys later after the party.

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Foods That Could Bring Us Good Luck On New Year

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, even though I am not Chinese, I will be buying some Tikoy for good luck. They said to roll some oranges from outside to inside of the house for good luck as well. So what are the foods that could bring good luck and good health?

Whole Chicken: It symbolizes togetherness of the family.

Noodles: Long Life but don’t cut them as it brings bad luck

Spring Rolls: It represents wealth due for its shape as it is similar to gold bars

Clams: It also represents wealth because of its resemblance to bouillon

Pomelos: symbolizes abundance

Since I will grocery shop tomorrow I will try to buy at least noodles or Pomelos of course Tikoy to bring us good luck this year. I know some of it is not true but it doesn’t harm me or anyone to buy foods that according to Chinese bring us fortunes and health lucks.

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For Our Kitchen

It has been a while that I really wanted to buy a serving spoon for the family but I don’t know why every time I go to the mall I always forgot to buy at least 3 pieces of it. Good thing the last time I went to the kitchen ware, I saw some serving spoon that I picked right away. Now we don’t have to use a spoon for our serving spoon but the serving spoon. There are many things I want to buy for our kitchen and one of these is plates. Mariel has been bugging me about it, even before when we were still living in the rented home. But I told her she have to wait until we buy a house, and since we already assumed a house I think I will have to start looking for some nice good looking plates.

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