Our Christmas And New Year

It has been a while since I haven’t updated this blog oh well spare me I got too busy after Christmas and I didn’t have Internet connection until today. Sigh the one that I have right now is so slow, I am not used to it but what can I do, the PLDT said they don’t have slot in the area. On the other hand, let me show you what we’ve got on Christmas Day. My niece cooked the Carbonara, Bonchon Chicken; I fried buttered chicken, grilled beef steak and steamed the ham. We bought also a cake from the Taste of Home in the last minute just few hours before Christmas. Here I am with our foods on Christmas!

 photo 1507636_10202355685869613_1626840817_n.jpg

This New Year we only had the few since we were on tight budget because we were just moved in. Our expenses were just big enough to include the New Year’s feasts. We just ordered 2 dish in Sen Ton Wahn Restaurant, we had Pork Honey Lemon and the Pork Rib Steak. The in-charge suggested that we must have sweets on New Year. Mariel cooked the ham and Sam Gyeup Sal a Korean dish; we also had the Cream Cheese Cake.

 photo 1487400_10202395928395651_1700831328_n1.jpg

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