She Did It Again

I don’t know how to cook; I mean I know how to cook but not in special occasion. If I would cook in Christmas Eve I might cook the same as the previous years, like Escabeche, Pineapple Chicken, and Beef Steak Ala Pobre. Good thing my niece Mariel is learning how to cook, she has new recipe this time. Last Christmas, Mariel is the one who cooked the Carbonara, and her specialty Bonchon Chicken. On New Year, she was also the one who cooked the ham with sticky sauce, and Sam Gyeup Sal. I didn’t expect she know how to cook, she said she just search in the Internet of the recipes. I am so thankful that we were able to taste Korean Dish because of her. I still did not enroll myself yet in cooking but I will soon. I just need some time since I got too busy nowadays. My niece amazed me with her cooking talent and I must say she did again!

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