Champorado On This Cold Cold Weather

It has been raining cats and dogs since last night. It was even so traffic on the road, I went home a bit late last night, good thing my husband was just cool about it. I am just a lucky wife for a husband so understanding. We want to go out but we can’t since I am worried it might flooded later and we will be stranded. When my sister finished her laundry, I asked her to cook a sweet chocolate rice, and after it was cooked we all eat it, it is the best for this cold cold weather. Too bad my husband could not eat it because of the carbohydrates and it is too sweet as well. He just content himself with a popcorn that Mj cooked. I thought there will be some left over but nope it is not it was finished until the last dropped. It was indeed a match for this chilly weather, our tummy feels satisfied with the hot of the champorado that goes through our stomach.

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