Pork Steak For Her, Riverside Thrill For Me and Chixahoy For Him

Just today my husband and I went to the mall to grocery shop. But before that my husband had a haircut while I pampered myself for manicure and pedicure. It takes long to finish it, my husband got bored so he went to the hardware to buy the tent and sleeping bags for Mj she will be joining camping this Friday. After I was done, my niece, my husband and I went to a restaurant where we can dine, it would be our lunch late and early dinner, yeah it was already almost 4 in the afternoon that the manicure and pedicure was finished. Good thing my husband was patient enough to wait for me. He was the one who choose a restaurant to dine with this time, we passed by in San Antonio yet he doesn’t like the menu there, Mariel was pointing the Yellow cab but he said no so we walk a little bit and so he lead us to Bigbys. Mariel was happy about it; she thought we will go to Shakeys again. I ordered Riverside Thrill, it is a fish that has stuff, my husband ordered the Chixahoy, later he said that he should not ordered that since it is a bit expensive but it is too late, he already had a sumptuous dinner, which is worth the price. Mariel got the pork steak. We also ordered the cheese cake; it was so sweet and yummy. I love it.

Later, Mariel’s friend joined us and so we gave her the cheese cake. My husband and I bade goodbye as we have to go to grocery store yet and went home. Mariel has to go to the cell phone repair shop.

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