The Magic Of Pan Cake

My husband and I were on our way to send Faith to school but the traffic was overflowing along ULAS. It took us an hour just to get through it, they were fixing the road and believe me it affects us at all. The traffic was so heavy that we just decided to let the day passed without sending Faith to school, she needs to be check-up anyway so we sent her to her Doctor instead.

I have to go to Pag-Ibig to pay our house, my husband and Faith just waited the appointment in the mall. The Pag-Ibig was bombarded with people so I stayed there for long hours until of our scheduled check-up in the Pediatrician. I just messaged my husband to just go ahead in the clinic with Faith, because I need to wait for another hour for my number to be called. My niece informed me that she is in the mall as well so I just told her to go to the clinic to meet Faith and her Daddy.

After the check-up in the clinic, they went to Pancake House for a snack. They just messaged me then to meet them there. I was already hungry when I finished my transaction in Pag-Ibig. I skipped lunch since I want the payment to be done on that day. I can’t go out to eat since I am worried that they would call my number and I will miss it.

They ordered spaghetti for Faith but Faith was crying and demanded to go to Jollibee instead. Her daddy was firmed to say no because they messaged me already that they will meet us there. Faith did not eat her spaghetti until I arrived. My husband and niece did not order yet because they were still waiting for me. Since I was already starving I ate some of Faith’s spaghetti, I just left some for her. I just let her complaining but when I feel like I was already full, I told her not to make me mad at her and she should eat. Good thing, after a while she ate although she was somewhat refusing. When Daddy’s ordered came, he asked me to ask Faith if she likes the pancake with bacon and icing on top, at first did not care for it but later she extend her hand and asked her Daddy if she can have some bite. Later she was the one who finished the whole pancake that Daddy needs to order another one.

Mariel ordered a Carbonara, her classmate was with her and we treat her for a Taco. My husband teased her that we will name her Free Lunch since she always appears when it’s lunch time or whenever we are in the mall.

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