Citrus Juice With Fern C On It

Yesterday we didn’t have class due to the typhoon Agaton, my daughter and I had a little bonding later last night. We watch a movie together entitled “Bride for Rent”. So today is the first day of class for this week, my youngest daughter had a cough since last week and her medicines are already finished. So what I did since I don’t like her to cough and cough at school, I prepared her a lemon juice while she was eating, a lemon juice with the powder of  Fern-C (vitamin C on it), the Fern C is a capsule, they don’t have the powder version or juice version. So what I did, I took the powder of the capsule and pour it to the glass of water (with the citrus juice) so far it is effective to her she don’t cough much at school at least that is what I observe.

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