Pursuing My Dreams?

It has been two times already this week that I didn’t like what I order, the first was I was starving that I want to eat lunch but I wanted to have it affordable so I went to a food stall in the mall and I didn’t like the Ice Tea, I could not express the taste, I smelled something that is not right. The second one was just yesterday; the fried chicken that was served to me was not cooked. I still saw some blood; I ended up eating the noodles. I am so disappointed; it could have lifted my spirit if the restaurant has some singing crew to serenade me but none at all. I remained tame about it but I will never go there anymore, so since I was a bit upset with what I ate this week. I decided to just sing my heart out at home this morning and after the videoke alone. I browse a yamaha ypc 62 piccolo at musicians friend, what if I would play this instrument one time. What if I will enroll myself in a music studio and will play some music instrument that I like. I mean it was my dream before to just play one music instrument, why should I not pursue it right? On the other hand, I still have so many things to do this coming summer and one of those is to learn how to bake and cook.

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