Gummy Bears For My Kids

When my husband was here the first time, he bought Mj a gummy bear from the States and Mj loves it so much. When my husband was here the first time after like almost 4 years of not being here, he brought a gummy bear for the two and even Faith loves it very much. And Faith gets a bit chubby of this vitamins, you know Faith is very thin but I really could tell the difference. So I always ask my husband to  bring gummy bears for Faith so will get chubbier.

 photo cats_zps8945c671.jpg

What I love for this vitamin is that Faith is the one to get it in the refrigerator, I don’t have to struggle with her when it is time for her vitamins and mind you, no more spill out because she just have to take it and let it melt or chew in her mouth.

The second picture is a gummy bear for adult.

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