ECG For My Heart Today

It has been weeks already that I felt something wrong with my heart beating. I felt like I palpitated out of nowhere or so sudden and that I have to take a deep breath for me to feel calm and my heart beat would go back to its normal beat. And so since I feel like it is not normal already I went for a check-up, I approached a Family Doctor to a nearby clinic, near Faith’s school. My BP was normal but my heart beat is not, it is rapidly ticking and so she required me for an ECG. She said I will just go back to the clinic with the result and she will advise me what to take. She told me it could be nothing maybe it is just anxiety but we have to make sure. So I did the ECG but the result will be given the next day yet.

I know I should have go to the doctor before this day, I mean if there is nothing wrong at least it will be attended the sooner. But I am contemplating the idea of going to or not because like the Doctor said it could be nothing, maybe I think too much and worried too much. I hope it is not too late.

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