Have Proper And Complete Sleep

So the ECG result is with me and thank GOD the result is nothing, my heart rate was normal yet I still went to my family doctor if she could recommend me some vitamins perhaps and she gave me the CONCORE, she said it’s for the heart. The prescribed days are 5 days and if I would still feel like palpitating she would recommend me a 2D echo to make sure if I am okay or not. I hope this medicine will work for me so I will not undergo a 2D echo.

Anyway I just watch this news about sleeping habits; it says that if you oftentimes have lack of sleep, you are attracted to any kind of illness. The complete sleep hours are 6 to 8 hours now if you are lacking of 2 hours for example you only have 4 hours of sleep, you should make up for another 2 hours the next day. If you tend to snore it is also equal to lacking of sleep and restless as well, it is equivalent to insomnia and sleeping disorder. If you are lacking of sleep, the next day you will tend to be so slow in everything you do, you don’t have focus and moody. So have a complete sleep by not making your bed an area for your gadgets, you also have to avoid looking at the clock because it can add up the pressure to sleep. Take a breath and rest.

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