Heart Condition and Tooth Extraction

The other week, our topic in the pool is about heart illness and tooth decay. And I am worried about my niece because she have this heart situation ever since she is just a baby. I wanted to open it to her Mother and the other week, I was able to talk to her about it of course through Viber. I told her if she likes Mariel and I will go to cardiologist on summer to have her check, I told her I don’t need to have Mariel operated but at least we can get a waiver so she can her tooth checked. Two of her tooth needs to be extracted but we can’t do it because we need a waiver from a cardiologist and I am worried to go there because they might advised us to have an operation. I can’t do that, not without the presence of her Mother. I hope thought that we can get a waiver so her tooth will be taking good care on summer. I hope…

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