The Importance Of A Chopping Board

Our old chop board was with us for decades already, I just clean it using Zonrox so to fade away the stains from chopping meats, fish and the like. Somehow it would stain the chop board and sometimes it is hard to get rid of it. The Zonrox were okay, I just soaked the Zonrox and have it stayed under the sun for long hours or half a day but lately it didn’t work out anymore, maybe because the stain was there for longer this time. I don’t have any other means to get rid of the stains, and I can’t stand anymore seeing the stain in the chop board so my recent grocery shopping, the chop board was included.

 photo HPIM2701.jpg

Cleaning or disinfecting cutting boards are very important because bacteria can reside in the cutting board and it is very hazardous to our health. Some bacteria could transfer to the meat and even cooked it can still affect our health. So proper maintenance is important as cleaning the kitchen sink, as I said bleach can be used to clean the cutting board.

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