Budgeted Sunday For Us

It is Sunday, we supposed to have special meal today and some snacks that we would share together here at home. But I am on a really very tight budget and if I would get tempted to spend more this day, my savings will be ruin the next day. When my kids woke up this morning I cooked adobo for them, but my eldest complained because it tasted differently, her tutor said I should not put the “paminta leaves” because that’s only for pork adobo and I cooked chicken adobo. Anyway, still it was finished and there’s no left over, tonight since I still have some chicken left in the fridge I might cook fried chicken for them, I am hoping the cooking oil can be enough. Tomorrow morning, for breakfast I will fry the drumlets or egg for them so they can also bring some for their lunch at school. Anyway tomorrow I will grocery shop more this time.

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