Was Not Able To Take Her Breakfast Because Of Their Practice

It was during the school’s family day, Mj and her classmates were practicing hard, they have their own instrument to play. Mj is the one who was doing their Melodica, one was holding the xylophone and 2 of them was the playing the trumpet. Their performance went well, the trumpet has a good sounds. I wonder how much his trumpet is though it seems very costly. If I know the parents of this kid, I might have advised his parents that there is an affordable pocket trumpet from guitar center, I am sure his mom will be very happy about it. I know I have nothing with their family and expenses but it is fulfilling when you could advised something valuable. I mean, I am too I always accept good advises especially where to buy cheap and affordable things for my kids. Money nowadays is hard to find, I mean you have to work hard for it before you can have it. On the other note, after their performance, Mj was so hungry, as I said they had been practicing really hard that she forgot to eat breakfast at home. It was almost lunch time when they finish their performance, good thing that there is a Jollibee stall available inside the campus; we were able to buy some delicious meal. I mean my kids always favorite. For them their day was complete because of the fried chicken and rice and some smoothies.

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