With Good Exercise

So it is not right when you just have lost weight without exercising. After I was pregnant with Mj, I lose weight right away, it was like drastic because I look like I was sick or something or have an illness that is not curable at all. Yes, I just lose without exercising and it went on when I started to work. I thought it was good, I mean I was so contented to just lose weight.

When I was pregnant with Faith, it was different; I didn’t lose weight right away. Of course with all the delicious foods around and of course this time, I can afford to buy enough for us unlike before. So I gone big, my tummy is even bigger. I started the Zumba last week and lessened my intake not skipping meal. Now, I started to run, whenever Faith was not with us, I make sure to run around the village while waiting for Mj to finish her training. I am not only losing weight but I am healthy as well. Yeah I claiming it already, I will be healthy and totally lose weight this year.


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