I Will Have A Lunch Date On Weekend

Last Sunday, when I was sleeping my friend messaged me and said if I can go to their house right at that very moment because one of our friends from Texas went to their house for a visit and I am so fool to miss the meet up. I was so tired and I could not even get up, oh well it was a hectic schedule for all of us because of the final exams of the kids.

But I guess I am not too late for another meet up because my friend messaged me again yesterday and said that I am invited for a lunch date in one of the buffet restaurant in one of the malls here. Geez I can’t wait since I haven’t been there ever since it was open. The restaurant is famous with their varieties of foods, they have Italian foods, Filipino dishes, American foods name it and they have it. I have to thank my friend for not forgetting me at all. I am coming this time and I will.

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