Bonding With Banana Cue

Mj and I went to her school for their recognition day, after the program we went to Red Cross office so I can enroll her for Junior Life Guard but we found out that she still have to undergo swimming lesson for 5 days and they will set up an interview for her if she could pass the Junior Life Guard. I called my friend who’s son wanted to be a Junior Life Guard too, we agreed that we will enroll together so Mj and her son will have the same schedule.

Mj and I went out in the Red Cross office brought some forms for the kids, we walked on the road but we were able to see some Banana Cue’s we stopped in the store for a while to get some snacks. I am happy that Mj is okay with street foods, in fact we enjoyed ourselves having this little bond together. We took a Jeepney to Ilustre to supposedly buy some DVD’s, but we were able to pass by in Greenwich and I thought to bring some snacks at home. Faith was at home together with her cousins, and I know for sure they are expecting some presents.

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